Breaking Bad spinoff show “Better call saul” is now in its third season, and episode 2 just had many references to the original series that you may have missed. Some of the references were quite obvious, but there were a couple that you may have not noticed.

Los Pollos Hermanos and Gustavo Fring

The most obvious connection to “Breaking Bad” was the reappearance of Gustavo Fring, the biggest villain Walter White had to deal with. Fring made his debut along with his famous chicken fast food joint, Los Pollos Hermanos. Just like in “Breaking Bad,” Gus is an undercover drug lord and uses his charming, preppy, professional look to fool people.

We are slowly getting closer to finding out how Gustavo befriends Mike and Saul. If you refer back to “Breaking Bad,” Saul introduces Gus to Walter by saying, “I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy…” and so on. Right now on “Better Call Saul,” it appears that Mike and Jimmy are opposing Gus, but we shall soon find out how the three connect with each other.


In this episode of “Better Call Saul,” Jimmy hires Francesca as his new assistant. “Breaking Bad” fans should be very familiar with her, as she was the assistant of Saul Goodman. We find out that Francesca was hired by Jimmy during her first interview and with very little experience in the field. Jimmy apparently liked her so much that he hired her on the spot.

One thing that’s interesting to find out is how she sticks with Jimmy when he eventually becomes Saul Goodman in “Breaking Bad.”


Another significant “Breaking Bad” character made his return in “Better Call Saul.” Victor, who was one of Gus Fring’s most trusted henchmen, made a quick debut, driving a Cadillac to Los Pollos Hermanos and then fleeing the scene.

In “Breaking Bad,” Gus killed him in season 4 with a box cutter in front of Jesse and Walter to prove a point when Victor showed too much initiative. We didn’t get to see much of Victor in “Saul” yet, but he appears to be working with Gus already.

Put a dollar in my pocket

In season 2 of “Breaking Bad” when Walter and Jesse wanted to kill Saul to keep their secrets buried, Saul told them that he would represent them and told them that he would have confidentiality with his clients.

To become their lawyer, Saul asked Jesse and Walt to put a dollar in his pocket to make it official. “Better Call Saul” showed us that Saul picked up this system from someone else, his current partner Kim Wexler. She told Jimmy to put a dollar in her pocket, so she can officially represent him in a trial against his brother Chuck, who taped Jimmy’s confession.

Episode 2 of “Better Call Saul” was very entertaining, especially with the show dropping these satisfying Easter eggs. The show will return next Monday with a new installment, as we will soon find out Jimmy’s fate.