A conservative bears his soul in the narrative from Paste accessible from the tweet below. The writer concludes with something interesting and entirely understandable to one who considers the GOP to be a truly evil force. The author says that there is a dearth of principles, by which I take him to mean admirable ideals, among the trump supporters who have made life difficult for him.

Admirable values

John Daly, the author of the Paste article referenced above, notes that Trump followers will tag anyone who criticizes the Donald as a liberal.

He goes down through four other put-downs. I am a liberal who happens to believe that conservatism is the very heart of liberalism. They are one. They are the origin of universal values that apply to all, notably tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. To make this more explicit tolerance is strength, helpfulness is enablement and education and democracy is rights and fair governance. Show me that Trump embraces these premises and I will repent.

Samantha Bee is on the case

The Hollywood Reporter interview accessible from the tweet above is a must read for Bee fans.

She talks of the devastation she felt following the election of Donald Trump. She then speaks of her ongoing effort to reckon with the atmosphere that leads her to comment, " I'm really hoping for some stability. I would love to feel confident that we're not going to war."

Good things come to Tucker Carlson

Just as FOX was reeling from various things including dismissals over untoward sexual advances and exits because of same, there emerged a baby-faced savior who might make you think that being a conservative is OK.

Until you recall visits to the Daily Caller to be apprised of the subtle but continuing perfidy that can come even from a baby-faced but seemingly ageless personage.

Tucker will be the fill in for Bill O'Reilly whom I predict will be easily forgotten. With a smooth sail on a vessel marked with $15 million for a humorous book, you would assume that Tucker is going to make geniality his signature.

But there is no real geniality at the heart of today's conservatism. Tucker will be for the one-percent, the ascendency of oil and the automobile and for whatever portion of the Trump agenda becomes legislation.

We are in a world where conservatism and Trumpism are becoming harder and harder to separate, where opposition requires a bit of courage and where the only victories seem to be won in the theater of combating sexual abuse. Given the apparent impotence of the Trump agenda, that may be an OK place to be.