It would appear that the original eighties boyband Bros are due to make a sensational comeback. However, things may not be quite as cut and dry as first thought. In a recent report, over half of their UK tour has apparently been scrapped, and rumours are rife regarding a severe lack of ticket sales. The good news is, however, that dates in Manchester and London are going far. The irony is that the London concert at the O2 Arena sold out in seconds flat.

Twenty four years in the making

It seems hard to believe that this reunion trek has been 24 years in the making.

But the boys have been far from idle. During their collective time out, Luke embarked on a successful Hollywood film career -- including "Interview with a Hit Man" and "Blade 2," while Matt remained in the music business, basing himself in the US and selling over 5 million records around the world. By their own confession, the original break up of bros was largely due to virtually living in each others' pockets since birth, with the additional and relentless pressures of eventual stardom. Since then, and mainly due to an improvised jamming session in a music store, they decided the time was right for a re-start.

Fleeting success

It could be argued the although Bros were undoubtedly famous for their time, their fleeting success was an alarming testament to the fickle world of popular music.

It's worth remembering, however, that Bros did sell more than seven million copies of their debut album "Push" -- topping the charts in 19 countries -- and were somewhat curious fashion icons at the same time.

Have the ticket touts been out in force?

With such outstanding ticket sales for the London concert, you cannot help but wonder if the ticket touts have been out in force.

Selling 20,000 tickets in seconds is something of a record by any standard, and it's a fairly convincing bet that the face value will be jaw-dropping. Some reports suggest well into the thousands.

But it's safe to say that fans of 80's music will, no doubt, welcome Bros' return, although they will be minus founding member Craig Logan who quit the band in 1989.

Aside from that, the twins make no secret of the fact they are looking forward to hitting the road again immensely. It's also somewhat of a homecoming for the boys as their final gig in 1989, in front of over 70,000, was at the old Wembley Stadium, a concert that holds great memories for both. The London shows start on August 19th.