Tucker Carlson makes his debut Monday night in the 9 p.m. time slot vacated by Megyn Kelly on the Fox News Channel. This new prime time hour for Tucker comes with predictions that he will make Fox proud.

It's Bill O'Reilly's show that will lead into Tucker's time slot and if anyone could keep those viewers around for another hour on Fox, it would be Tucker Carlson. Some might even say Tucker is about to give O'Reilly a run for his money at keeping his number one place as top Fox News personality!

Moving right along

Tucker has already taken over the 7 p.m.

time slot that was suddenly vacated by Greta Van Susteren and the masses love this guy. Greta seemingly vanished off the face of the news world, but she has recently resurfaced with news she's joined MSNBC where she will be doing an evening show, according to the Sioux City Journal.

Masses gravitate to Tucker

So what is it about Tucker Carlson that makes people gravitate towards this guy? Part of his popularity has to do with the way he takes honesty to an entirely new level as he calls it like he sees it on Fox. Tucker doesn't dance around the truth and you will never find him padding what he needs to say to offer a softer blow to the person about to hear it.

O'Reilly and Kelly

You might say the same about Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly, the two people who get top credit for bringing in the viewers to Fox News.

But Tucker is different, he doesn't approach anything with a personal agenda as he navigates his questions and his ego doesn't fit into his equation for getting at the truth. This is where the guy differs from those who came before him.

Tucker isn't the guy who will do battle to be tagged as the father of the truth, like some who have been in front of the camera for years.

He doesn't appear to care too much about being held as a high authority or as a guru who has the final word. His deal is to bring you the views on the news of the day in an unbiased conversation. Tucker is the type of news analyst that Fox News probably had in mind when originally creating their "fair and balanced" news tag.

Big brother of the news

There is nothing formal about his presentation and that's what the masses love about him. Tucker Carlson talks without treading carefully on his next words, which makes others look stiff and restrained. If you had to describe Tucker's personality on the air, he will probably be seen more like a big brother to his viewers, watching out for people spinning tales that aren't true.

No hidden agenda

Tucker is not afraid to jump on a guest when they are saying something that goes against the facts, much like O'Reilly.

But... unlike O'Reilly, Tucker isn't looking for another feather in his cap or taking advantage of the airtime to poof himself up as the Grand Poobah of the truth.


Megyn Kelly is a brilliant woman, there's not many who would debate that this woman's IQ isn't impressive. She also fares well on the eyes -- as she's gorgeous. Tucker also has those good looks that help while you are fixated on the screen for an hour during his show, but unlike Megyn Kelly -- his good looks don't make him appear unapproachable.

Dash of humor

The biggest difference between Tucker and the other Fox News on-air icons is his sense of humor. He has honed in on a way to admirably offer up the hard facts while adding in a dash of humor now and then. Watching Tucker in action is like sitting with a friend, he puts his audience at ease and after a long hard day at work, this is a welcomed way to watch the important topics in the news unfold.