Have you watched past episodes of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ recently? There are certain events that you will have likely forgotten all about. They may not be crucial to the current storyline, but they have shaped the way the girls are—although at times it looks as though the Liars forgot some things that happened. Here’s a look at four things you likely forgot from ‘PLL.’

Paige tried to drown Emily

Way back in season 1, Emily was the victim of someone other than A. That bully was Paige, who was afraid of coming out to her family. Instead of actually facing her fear, she attacked Emily out of jealousy.

Emily had done everything that Paige wanted to do. At the same time, Paige liked Emily but hated that she felt this way.

That wouldn’t usually be a problem. The big issue is that Paige and Emily became a thing. Not just that, but Emily fell in love with Paige and wanted to keep her safe. Did she forget everything that happened?

The Liars are constantly locked in places

Just how many times have the Liars faced death throughout the show? Bear in mind that the first 5.5 seasons were all set during two years of high school. For us it was five and a half years, but for the Liars it was just two years. That’s a lot to happen in such a short time. How did all of them escape Radley forever?

Just a reminder, Spencer was locked in a funhouse, Emily was locked in a barn and almost gassed, Aria was locked in a coffin, Hanna was run over, and there are many more events that are not on the list.

Emily’s house is bulldozed by a car

If trying to kill the girls in the middle of nowhere wasn’t good enough, A decides to bulldoze Emily’s house by literally driving into it. Initially there was some fear, but Emily’s parents decide to remain in the house after it’s rebuilt—and it doesn’t take that long for that to happen. To top it off, Emily has no fear about it happening again!

Oh, and the police don’t really act on the bulldozing. Nobody is questioned that much and lives go on as normal. Well, normal for "Pretty Little Liars" standards.

Jessica DiLaurentis is murdered

Okay, so this possibly isn’t something that the fans of “PLL” have forgotten. It certainly seems like something the people of Rosewood have forgotten.

Every now and then Jessica will come up, but there just seems to be no search for her killer. Fans don’t even know how she died, really, except that some blood pressure medication was used. That’s what fans have been led to believe, anyway.

It couldn’t have been A, which suggests that A.D. was around then. Maybe this is something that will be revisited in the last 10 episodes of “PLL.”

“Pretty Little Liars” returns later this month for the final episodes. Take some time to look back over the episodes and remind yourself of some of the most forgettable moments that shouldn’t have been that forgettable.