“Pretty Little Liars” fans can’t wait to catch the return of the show. While it may be the last 10 episodes ever, there is so much to look forward to—mainly the reveal of A.D. Just who has been tormenting the Liars all these years? Before getting into that, here’s a look at the things to come this season.

Who was Noel and Jenna working for?

The Liars can’t help but talk about how Noel could have been A.D. Of course, this is only speculation. Hanna can’t help but point out that all they have are theories about why Noel and Jenna were after them. Emily doesn’t want to think about the idea of it all being over either, but Aria and Alison just have to bring it up.

All this happens while Spencer is getting medical treatment. Fans will remember that the “Pretty Little Liars” season 7A finale finished with Spencer getting shot, Mary revealing something shocking about Spencer’s birth, and Noel meeting the wrong end of an axe.

Where are Jenna, Mary, and Yvonne?

There are three important people missing from the opening minute of the “Pretty Little LiarsSeason 7B premiere: Jenna, Mary, and Yvonne. Nobody cares too much about Jenna, although Hanna does make a joke about her walking into a closet. It’s Mary that they’re most concerned about. After all, why would Mary run off after telling Spencer such a big secret?

It’s only towards the end that the third person comes up.

Toby is wheeled into the ER, unconscious with bandages over his head and arm. The last Toby was seen was in a car accident with Yvonne. While the Liars don’t know about the car accident, they do know that he was with his fiancée. Just where is she? Does this mean she died?

Toby isn’t out of the woods, either. Many fans have speculated that he will die before the series finale, as fans learned that one of the main characters won’t make it to the end.

This is certainly not looking promising, although it could be that Noel was classed as a main character.

Fans can find out very soon. “Pretty Little Liars” returns in less than a month to Freeform for the final 10 episodes.