The end of an “American Horror Story” season doesn’t mean that a character is gone. Fans have seen characters return for future seasons before, despite each storyline being a standalone one. Just recently in season 6, fans saw Sarah Paulson reprise one of her previous roles when “Asylum’s” Lana Winters showed up in the season finale.

Now the actress has shared the character that she would like to see again. While at PaleyFest she talked about why this character was so important to her. Denis O’Hare also shared the character that he wanted to reprise again.

Do you think they would make good characters for future seasons?

Sarah Paulson’s ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ character

Fans who loved Cordelia Foxx in season 3 of the anthology series will be happy to hear that she is a favorite of Paulson, too. This is the one character that the actress wants to reprise, as she wants to see Cordelia with her Supreme powers. Fans will remember that it turned out that Cordelia and not her witch students was the new head of the witch community.

There were a few instances of the character showing off her powers, but they were limited. Fans watched Jessica Lange’s character abuse her characters instead. Is it possible that fans will get to see Cordelia show up?

“Coven” has been used in season 5, so it’s certainly a possibility.

Denis O’Hare wants to go back to ‘Murder House.'

The very first season of “American Horror Story” is certainly one of the best. Titled “Murder House,” the story focused on a house where those who died on the premises returned as ghosts stuck on the premises at all times except for Halloween.

It was also the first time fans saw Denis O’Hare in the anthology show.

He would like to reprise his character, Larry Harvey. It turned out that his character had set his home on fire, killing his wife, and he went to jail for his actions. O’Hare wants to see the character get out of jail to see the havoc afterward. Or maybe see him in jail to see what the burned man is getting up to.

“American Horror Story” season 7 has been confirmed to have an election theme. All seasons are connected in some way, so it is certainly possible that Paulson and O’Hare could reprise their favorite characters at some point.