Jane Fonda is now an elderly woman, with a dwindling acting career. However, she was once quite the Hollywood starlet earning status not only as a sex symbol but also as a critically acclaimed actress. She was and still is a model, actress, political activist, and even a fitness guru. But for the first time in her long career, she is talking about some very personal trauma she said she endured during her childhood. She said she was raped as a young child and later in life.


Jane Fonda recently did an interview with a critically acclaimed young Hollywood actress, Brie Larson where they discussed a variety of topics.

Jane Fonda mentioned her Childhood Abuse stating that not only was she sexually abused as a young child but raped later in life and even lost an acting job because she would not have sex with her employer.

These claims are quite shocking, they have yet to be proven, and could be difficult to prove so many years later. However, regardless of Jane Fonda being a celebrity, she is still a woman and according to the NSVRC, out of every five women in the US one will be raped at some point in her life. The NSVRC also says that about a third of females raped as a child will also be raped as an adult. These statistics do show that her claims are likely accurate because sexual violence against women is so prevalent.

Jane Fonda’s career

Jane Fonda has had a long and overall quite successful as well as diverse career. She began her career as a model and was even on the cover of very notable fashion magazines. She did not feel modeling was her true calling in life long term. So she began to act on Broadway, and was quite an acclaimed stage actress.

Later on, she began acting in films and had a vast array of successful and well-received films, and a few that were less than extraordinary.

However, she eventually felt a strong calling to focus more attention on political activism. Her fist real activism that garnered much attention was her feelings against the Vietnam War. Jane Fonda has also spoken openly and proudly of being a feminist, which given her claims of sexual trauma, explain why she would care so much for women’s rights.