Alright, so we've got three, juicy, new spoiler clip treats for you "Homeland" fans in this article, because the show just recently delivered the new promo clips (below) for the upcoming episode 11 of season 6. They look very interesting and pretty dramatic as Dar resorts to pinching nerves as a torture act during an interrogation. Meanwhile, Quinn really thinks he's found some new bombing evidence and tells Carrie all about it, and more! As previously reported, this episode is entitled, "R Is For Romeo."

Saul has important info

In the first clip, we get a promo that gives us new looks at a couple of different scenes that will be taking place.

To get things started, Carrie is spotted, asking Quinn, what the hell is going on? He replies by telling her that he has proof of who blew up the van. Then we get a scene that features Saul in action, telling Keane that he has some very important intel. After that, they show us some pretty violent interrogation footage that features Dar and Max. Max isn't looking too good at all, because Dar is really working him over. Next, we get a cutback to Quinn and Carrie in action, trying to figure some stuff out. Then the clip closes out with just a flurry of different scenes. One of them, features some heavy fighting action, and more.

The stakeout

In the 2nd clip, we get a solo dolo scene that shows us more of what goes down with Carrie and Quinn on a stakeout.

Carrie quickly tells Quinn that she can't let him just shoot this guy even if he's responsible for the bombing. From there, she demands that he give her answers as to what the hell is going on. He tells her that he has proof that the guy they're currently staring at, is the one who blew up the boy in the van. Carrie responds by saying, she already knows about the photos, but he tells her he has other evidence, saying the real van is in the garage.

It was swapped out or something.

He wants the video

Lastly, in the 3rd clip, we get more looks at that violent Dar interrogation session with Max. Dar tries to ask him ,nicely, about where is the location of the video that he shot of him in the data center. Max tries to tell him that this video doesn't exist. Dar, of course, doesn't buy his answer and asks him if he hid it somewhere.

Max continues to deny that he ever shot the video, and that causes Dar to inflict the very painful violence on him.

The clip closes out with Max demanding he see a lawyer. And Dar said that statement just proves that he has no idea what kind of mess he's landed himself in. Basically, things look extremely bad for Max. Be sure to check em out, below, and stay tuned. Episode 11 is set to air this Sunday night, April 2nd, 2017 at 9pm eastern standard time on Showtime.