Alright, so this is our last segment for the recent 2017 PaleyFest event where we saw stars of NBC's new, hit drama: "This Is Us." As previously reported, the Rotten Tomatoes team was there to snag up some new spoiler intel from them. In this interview, they chatted up the Toby and Kate stars: Chrissy Metz and Chris Sullivan.

Huge revelation

To start things off, they talked with Chrissy Metz, and she revealed a huge revelation. Apparently, Chrissy has reason to believe that Kate and Beth might just end up, tying the knot in season 2! She told them: Who doesn't want to see a really fun wedding between them two?

I guess they think that implies it will happen. Who knows? At one point, they also talked more about Jack's mysterious death. Randall star, Sterling, apparently knows how it happened as he hinted, saying that Jack dies in the way that he lived his life, and described it as being a "beautiful thing," so that sounds really interesting.

They've gotten very serious

After all that, they worked their way to talking with Chrissy's partner in crime, Chris Sullivan. He talked more about his character, Toby. He said, he's also hoping that they have a Kate and Toby wedding next season. He thinks that they're well on their way to the alter, because they've gotten past all the fun, romantic stuff and are in the nitty gritty part of their relationship.

In other words, they're just extremely serious right now.

Some history is desired

Lastly, Chris talked about them possibly, finally exploring Toby's past, saying that he'd like to see them, explore more of his past in future storylines and ground him a little more with some sort of history. That's not a confirmation, though. That's just him,revealing what he'd like to see happen with his character, but if his wish comes true, get ready for some Toby backstory action.

Alright. That's wraps up all the intel that they got from those two stars at PaleyFest, but be sure to stay tune as I'm sure we're going to see more interviews very soon, if not already.