Bigger is better or less is more? That's what Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition fans were asking of Ashley Graham. The plus-sized model posed alluringly with curves and cellulite on display. Some favored the realistic bikini body images. But body-shamers mocked Graham, both for obesity and for weight-loss! The poor woman even got flak for just looking like she had lost weight!

Ashley Graham dinged for promoting obesity

The plus-size model has said she's a size 12 which is large in women's clothing. However that's a conservative estimate. Her breasts and buttocks (not enhanced with plastic surgery) would probably put her in a size 18 or bigger.

Graham's weight is undisclosed but is probably over 200 pounds. Even with her tall stature, that still falls in the morbidly overweight category. Ashley has been faulted for advocating obesity by flaunting her plus-sized curves.

Ashley Graham can't win for losing weight

Last year, Graham boasted weight-loss on social media. Twitter and Facebook critics slammed her for backpeddling on her message of body positivity, whatever the size. Some were sure she had anorexia or some other eating disorder. They feared she was losing too much. After her recent SI swimsuit photo shoot, folks body-shamed the young model just for appearing slimmer in certain angles. And if that wasn't bad enough, people who undergo bariatric surgery get even more harassment.

Ashley Graham, Mama June fat and thin-shamed

Reality television diva Mama June Shannon had gastric bypass surgery. And like Graham, she is body-shamed regardless of her size. Commenters attacked Graham's big legs and thighs while others found them sexy. Still, others called her repulsive either way. This is a common problem faced by people who admit to weight struggles.

Folks seem to think because these women have made themselves vulnerable, they will welcome any comments no matter how negative. It could have something to do with jealousy. "Honey Boo Boo" star Mama June was body-shamed by her ex's wife Jennifer Lamb, who is, herself, morbidly obese.