Alright guys. This is it. We got the big three,new spoiler clips (below) from AMC last night for their upcoming "The Walking Dead" finale episode 16 of season 7, and they look very interesting and super intense as Negan is trying to get Sasha to do his dirty work after she ran into his compound like an insane person. Then we've got a shocking scene that features Dwight, expressing that he's ready to switch sides to take Negan out, and more! As previously reported, this episode is labeled: "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life."

Sasha's in big trouble

The first clip is just a basic promo that gives us a couple of different scenes, starting with giving us a new look at the Saviors in action out on the streets.

Immediately after that, we see Dwight, telling Rick that he can help slow down the Saviors for them, because he actually wants Negan dead too! Next, we see Negan, telling Sasha that he wants to use her to carry out another one of his evil plans. After that, we see a flurry of different scene, mostly featuring Rick and company getting their dynamite ready. We hear Sasha tell Negan that no one has to die. He, of course, replies with: "you are wrong." After that, we see some violent scenes, and it just looks like there's about to be major war about to start.

Morgan makes a choice

In the 2nd clip, we get a scene that features Morgan and Ezekial, having a little chit chat. Basically, Ezekial does all of the talking, asking him if he wears Benjamin's armor in his honor, or to just serve himself.

After that, he pretty much begs Morgan to join them on their journey to destroy the Saviors, so no one else has ever to suffer by their hand again. Again, no words from Morgan, but we do see a head nod, suggesting that he agrees to join them. We also see Carol in action, and she definitely appears like she's ready to do some major damage as she's totally strapped and marching with the tiger.

Finally in the 3rd clip, all they show us is a small extension of the 2nd clip, giving us another view or angle of Morgan that we didn't see in the second clip. Anyways, it looks like we might finally see the big battle go down in this episode. If not, that means they're going to make us wait all the way until October 2017 to see it, so lets just cross our fingers that it actually goes down in this one. Be sure to check out the clips, below, and stay tuned. The season finale episode 16 is set to air on Sunday night, April 2nd,2017 at 8pm central time on AMC.