Hey, "24: Legacy" peeps. It's new spoiler time. FOX dropped the new, official ones, recently, for the upcoming episode 10 of season 1. They gave us two storyline scoops for this one, and they sound pretty interesting as we'll be seeing Rebecca get forced into a tight spot of having to make a very important decision. Carter catches some heavy confrontation heat from Nicole about commitment issues, and more.

A phone call is the culprit

The title for this episode isn't hard to guess since they just name them by hours. It's called: "9: 00 PM–10: 00 PM." They started off their synopsis press release by making sure to put in, all-caps, that Rebecca is going to be forced into having to make a really important decision at some point.

After that, they elaborated on it a little bit by revealing that she's going to receive some sort of phone call that won't be good as they tell us that it will cause both her work and personal life to collide!

This big collision event is going to be what forces her to get backed into the corner of having to make this crazy, important choice. What will she end up, deciding? What does this decision entail? Those are a couple of important questions for this particular scenario. Also, look for it to get most of the attention.

The big talk

Next, we've got a scene, going on elsewhere that involves Nicole and Carter. It turns out that we're going to see some heavy drama going down between these two, because Nicole will decide to go in on him about his commitment to their relationship and his future with the CTU.

Will these two be able to work out their differences? Or will this just end with no resolution? Unfortunately, they didn't give up any extra intel on that, so we'll just have to wait for this thing to air to find out. One thing's for sure, is that this storyline will certainly deliver up some very dramatic scenes.

Alright, that's all FOX was willing to give up for this episode, so that's all we got for you guys, for now.

However, be sure to look for the new promo/spoiler clip after episode 9 wraps up, tonight. It should definitely reveal some extra details about this episode. We can also confirm that it is set to arrive next Monday night, April 3rd at 7pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.