Episode 15 of “The Walking Dead” season 7 is the last chapter before the end, and things are surely heating up, which should satisfy Rosita. Ever since the first episode of this season, all she is been expecting for is a crack at Negan and she is receding for some vengeance, but it is not the only thing she desires. The teaser followed Gregory advancing Maggie with a knife, and many sources online said Gregory does control down to the Full Coward method, but he does not kill Maggie and she doesn't hit him either: "Maggie suggests Gregory keep attention for walkers while she is setting some plants.

Shortly later, a walker hits Gregory. It is clear he has never stopped a walker before. He cries for Maggie like a little girl and she has to defend his ass."

Episode 14: the mystery of Sasha

Sasha is in a big crisis in the next episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 7. The end of the last chapter presented it seems like Sasha was dead, but pictures of next episode published by AMC show her still alive. But her condition does not look too good. Sasha will be caught hostage by Negan, and her only support for freedom is Eugene. But preview from the next installment titled "Something They Need" suggests at Sasha being frustrated by Eugene, who suggests her to join Negan and his group of Saviors.

Episode 15 preview and spoilers

As you can view in the promo teaser of next episode 15 of "The Walking Dead," Gregory will see Maggie during a little planting session. After a very productive conversation, Maggie invites him to guard his back.Furthermore, what will occur to Sasha after her death mission to the Sanctuary? Not surprisingly, she is captured but Negan doesn't treat her too severely since he even offers to be a member of his group.

Well, unluckily, the other Saviors aren't as soft with her and one of the team decides to abuse her during her imprisonment. As for Eugene, honest to himself, he praises Sasha to follow Negan and when she requests him to support him to finish, Lâcheté gives a stamp to him to do suicide. Episode 15 of "The Walking Dead" Season 7 will air on AMC on Sunday, March 26 at 9.00 pm EST.