Episode 14 of "Once Upon A Time" Season 6, named “Page 23,” will follow Regina and the Evil Queen as they fight it out in a final confrontation. Regina will try to save her loved ones from her other half even if it involves endangering her life. In the meantime, Hook will get the help of Captain Nemo to get things go with Emma. The teaser for the next episode published on TV Guide states: “The Evil Queen (L. Parrilla) sets out to defeat Regina, using Robin (S. Maguire) to set the trap. In the meantime, Hook (C. O’Donoghue) solicits advice from his old friend Captain Nemo (F.

Tahir), but Gideon (G. Matthey) weapon his plan; and in a flashback, the Evil Queen discovers a lesson about the true cause of her misery.”

Regina fights for Snow White in Episode 14

"Once Upon A Time" spectators have expected hard just for the Regina-Evil Queen battle to occur and at the end, after 13 chapters, the two will fight it out in next episode 14. In episode 14, the teaser reveals that the Evil Queen will come to kill her nemesis, Snow White. Regina, who has recovered to Storybrooke with Emma (J. Morrison) from the Wish Realms, is set to lend a hand to stop the villain from destroying the people she worries about.

Episode 14 trailer and spoilers

In the trailer, the two face off in a very stressed knife battle.

Regina reports the Evil Queen that all will finish there. The end also represents her enthusiasm that she can lastly get freed of the opposite and, during the battle, the Evil Queen applies her magic to force Regina facing the wall. Subsequently, shots of Hook are also shown as he is reaching in the storm and he has still to show his new future wife that he is the person who murdered her grandfather.

The last installment, Hook was shocked when he understood that the man he assassinated during King George's govern was really David's (J. Dallas) father but he desired to describe Emma the truth before requesting for her hand in wedding. Episode 14 of "Once Upon A Time" Season 4 will air on Sunday, March 26, at 8.00 pm EST on ABC.