The biggest story to dominate the news cycle in recent months has been over what impact Russia had on the 2016 presidential election. As Donald Trump and conservative news outlets push back at the evidence presented, many are not standing by without calling out the obvious.

"The View" on Trump

Even before being elected president, Donald Trump was forced to deny any link to Russia and President Vladimir Putin. Whether it was his own personal ties involving his tax returns, or his associates communicating with Kremlin officials during and after the election, the former host of "The Apprentice" has dismissed the allegations against him as nothing more than "fake news." Helping Trump back up these allegations have been members of the right-wing media, most notably hosts on Fox News.

Over the last week, the House Intelligence Committee has taken part in an investigation into Russia's role in the election, which has been confirmed by the FBI and the Justice Department that they were responsible for the hack of the Democratic National Committee. On Monday night, Trump accused the story of being a "hoax" on social media, which was part of a hot topic during the March 28 edition of "The View."

As the panel on "The View" debated the impact of Russia on the election and the president's campaign, it was co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar that didn't hold back her thoughts. "If it is a hoax, don’t you want them to investigate and clear your name, my friend?" Goldberg wondered, in reference to Donald Trump's aforementioned tweet.

Doubling down was Behar, who went on to say, "First of all, we know he’s a committed serial liar, so when he says it’s a hoax, he means it’s not a hoax."

Whoopi Goldberg then went on to hit back at Fox News for continuing to deny that Russia had an impact on the election and the current administration.

"Where is Fox News’ voice on the issue?" Goldberg asked, before wondering, "Why isn’t Fox screaming about this? They screamed about Benghazi."

Next up

As the investigation and scandal into Russia continues, it appears that Donald Trump and Fox News will continue to be on the same page in their opposition to the story. On Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted for his supporters to watch "Fox & Friends," which then prompted to run a story on former Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta allegedly working for a Russian energy company, in what appears to be a deflection from his own issues involving the Kremlin.