PC gamers have been waiting for this day since Legion first opened and now the release of Blizzard's Legion 7.2 patch for "World Of Warcraft" is finally here. Starting in the early hours of March 28, the US servers are all taken down while the patch is fully loaded into the system and the gamers watch in anticipation as they are all slowly restarted. Many WoW players have taken the day off work, and most expect that the overload of gamers logging in at one time will likely crash the servers throughout the day.

Gamers look forward to WoW changes

With all of the changes that the Legion 7.2 will bring, one of the most anticipated is the ability to fly if you have your Pathfinder Part 1 Achievement.

Gaining this achievement is no laughing matter and requires a lot of time and energy on the part of the gamer. To get this achievement the gamer must explore the five Legion questing zones (Broken Isles Explorer), complete 100 different World Quests (Variety is the Spice of Life), complete the Class Order Campaign (A Glorious Campaign), earn Revered with the 6 Broken Isles factions (Broken Isles Diplomat) and the most difficult, complete all major storylines in the Broken Isles (Loremaster of Legion). The Loremaster of Legion is a massive series of quest lines, including the brutal 13 chapter quest line in Suramar. Even with all of the excitement with flying, this isn't the only change that Legion 7.2 is going to bring.

Legion 7.2 is not letting down the WoW fans and it is bringing a lot of new content and events into the game. You can expect a new dungeon, new class campaigns, demon assaults, PvP brawls, a pet battle dungeon, additional toon empowerment, more transmogrification sets, changes to professions and class changes. Just like in the many other patches throughout the years, changes to "World of Warcraft" classes always make the gamers nervous.

Some classes get a buff

There are a lot of changes to the classes with the Legion 7.2 patch and as expected some are very exciting. You can expect to see taunts pulling 400% threat, non-tanks will again be able to use bonus armor and a .65% increase has been given to tanks and healers per artifact point. Each class also has a great deal of changes and buffs that will make them more powerful for the challenges to come.

Tab targeting is fixed

At long last the many issues with tab targeting have been resolved! According to the Legion 7.2 patch notes you will no longer have the issue of accidentally targeting an enemy that you are not already in combat with. Additionally, you will no longer have the issue of targeting something that you cannot see on your screen.