Donald Trump has made it clear that he's not a fan of the mainstream news media. On Tuesday, the president continued his war of words with one of his favorite media targets.

Trump on Twitter

From the day Donald Trump announced his campaign for president and labeled illegal immigrants as "murderers" and "rapists," it didn't take long before he faced backlash from the press. Over the next year and a half, the former host of "The Apprentice" would receive non-stop coverage, most of it negative, which resulted in Trump shaming reporters and journalists in the process.

It became routine for Trump to refer to members of the media as "terrible" and "the most dishonest people" he had ever met, prompting his supporters to follow in his footsteps. With the exception of Fox News and a handful of other members of the right wing media, Trump would go on to give certain news outlets nicknames, including the New York Times who he referred to as "failing." Since then, the billionaire real estate mogul refers to any criticism in the media that he doesn't agree with as "fake news," which appeared to continue in a March 28 message on Twitter.

Taking to his Twitter account on Tuesday morning, Donald Trump posted an article that was published by the New York Post, where the newspaper questioned the New York Times over their fact-checking of the president.

As expected, Trump was not happy. "The failing @NYTimes would do much better if they were honest!" Trump tweeted out. The title of the article by the New York Post reads "The New York Times’ ongoing dishonesty only helps Trump," and accuses the paper of being biased against the commander in chief.

Moving forward

Donald Trump has only been president for just over two months, but in that time he's created a constant stream of controversy that has surrounded his administration.

From the growing scandal involving Russia, to his controversial executive orders, and his legislative failures like health care, it doesn't appear likely that the media is going to slow down in their attacks on Trump, which isn't going to go over well with the new president.