Episode 16 of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8, titled “I Was Feeling Epic,” will follow Stefan and Damon as they battle facing their greatest opponent in goals of saving Mystic Falls. The final episode will also star the return of Elena Gilbert (N. Dobrev). The small plot for “I Was Feeling Epic” published on TV Guide states: “The future of Mystic Falls is at stake. Damon (I. Somerhalder) and Stefan (P. Wesley) fight their major opponent in one extreme, epic fight.”

Highlights of episode 15 and spoilers

In the last episode, Peter Maxwell was murdered by Kelly.

"We are planning a June wedding" concluded with Bonnie Bennett gradually dying. Will Elena Gilbert's return have to be requited with Bonnie's life in the new episode? Could the next episode return a character that has previously been written out of "The Vampire Diaries"? The finale for The CW’s series is upon us, securing one last major fight for Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Tv Series creators Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec-produced season 8 next episode. Julie Plec, fittingly, directed this episode 16.

Episode 16 Season 8: preview of the finale

After eight seasons of romance, horror, adventures rich of action and drama, Damon and Stefan Salvatore are offering their goodbye to the small screen.

As previously announced in the first teaser for this episode, the vampire team will soon be participating a burial. Some pics have also been published to present followers something to reflect on. But it seems that among the series cast members, Damon (I. Somerhalder) is the personage who merits really the death.

Damon has converted in one of the worse characters in the history of "The Vampire Diaries." Furthermore, Damon always gets pardoned.It seems that he has grown the tv series's most loved character because he continuously performs the same errors and manages always to restore himself.

The end of the series should include one final confrontation between Katherine Pierce and two Salvatore brothers, in addition to Elena's return.

The episode 16 of "The Vampire Diaries" Season 8 will air on Friday, March 10, at 8.00 pm EST on The CW.