Episode 15 of "Supernatural" season 12, titled “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell,” will follow Dean and Sam Winchester as they go after a hellhound that is free. In the meantime, Castiel will renew his search for Kelly. In fact, the plot for episode 15 reads: “An assault by an unidentified hellhound at a campsite guides Dean (J. Ackles) and Sam (J. Padalecki) to examine the mysterious events. Meantime, two of Crowley's (M. Sheppard) personal devils reveal what he has been hiding."

Plot and highlights of episode 14

The last episode titled "The Raid" showed the British Men of Letters as an option to Sam and Dean.

In many forms, they aren't worse or better than the Winchesters. In fact, they are only different. They are organized, and they have a high-level technology. After that the Alpha Vampire (R.Worthy) is dead, and Sam has stated his interest in staying with the Men of Letters, the tv series may only be directed to some important changes. Will Sam eventually be capable of convincing Dean to join the British Men of Letters when they confront hellhounds in the next episode 15?

Episode 15 Season 12 spoilers, preview and trailer

Dean and Sam will be faced with two devils in the next episode 15 of "Supernatural" Season 12. Latest preview teased of Dean and Sam's plan to stop a dark Hellhound, while Crowley's (M.

A. Sheppard) mystery will be revealed. A campsite will work as the supposed case's crime site with one womanly camper working as the only observer to the infernal beast's rage. However, the evil creature may be a dangerous antagonist for Sam and Dean Winchester, as shown in episode 15 of "Supernatural" Season 12 trailer clip posted on TV Guide.

We will have to expect and see if Dean joins the British Men of Letters in the next episode. With Sam now a member of the group, it's just a thing of time before he can persuade his brother Dean to join her in the organization.

The new episode of “Supernatural” Season 12 will air on The CW on Thursday, March 9, 2017, at 8.00 pm EST.