After a break of one week, "NCIS" resumes its season 14 next Tuesday, with a surprising revelation in a case and a potential surprise turn in the team. Everything will happen in the next episode 17, which is named "What Lies Above." Here are some spoilers for the installment 17 of the tv series. Keep reading to know what happens in the next episode.

Highlights and summary of episode 16

In the last episode of "NCIS" Season 14, when all appears to be going great for Chen (killer of Qasim,) Bishop traps him and gives him the opportunity to commit suicide or be killed by the Syrians.

The Syrians pulled, however, out of this killing because Bishop admitted the collaboration of Chen with the Central Intelligence Agency, thus involving them in the process. Chen finally died when his home was blown up into small pieces. In the trailer for episode 17, instead, McGee finds a theft in development in his own home. At the beginning, it looks like a normal break­in but quickly the team realizes that there is more to the home of Agent McGee than what appears to the eye.

Season 14 Episode 17 spoilers and preview

In the next installment titled "What Lies Above," the teaser shows that Vance may soon be changing his works. Flemming (M.S. Masterson) is reportedly determined on persuading him to join politics.

If Vance concludes that it is the moment to try a different career, his office in the NCIS will be empty. It will be fascinating to know who will succeed him. Gibbs (M. Harmon) is a powerful competitor. Flemming also proposed him for the position but Vance has yet to present his retirement. Maybe it's the moment for Gibbs to give fieldwork to the new generation and do the directing from an office.

In the meantime, McGee (S. Murray) will see himself getting engaged in a hunting game with a disturbing theft. One day McGee will discover that his home has been robbed. Hidden in his house there is an important thing. Episode 17 of "NCIS", titled "What Lies Above," will air on CBS on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, at 8:00 pm EST.