Take a hike, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fans, as there is yet a full month to go before the show returns from its late winter break to FOX. When we last saw the 99th precinct sweethearts Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), the pair were on the brink of a major change, after competing with each other to capture the most escaped convicts from a recent prison breakout. The pair has decided to move in together, but the happiness was short-lived, as, by the end of the episode, viewers were met with a major cliffhanger: the Queen Bee of the Nine-Nine, Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) was hit by a bus.

Gina's fate to be in April—will she survive that bus accident?

Some resourceful fans over at Instagram have uncovered the titles of the next episode of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 4. Interestingly, IMDB lists the episode as "Episode #4.13" without the title, while the next two episodes are titled "Serve & Protect" (#4.14) and "The Last Ride" ("#4.15). There is no Episode #4.16 listed, but there is a certain Episode #4.17, which is puzzling, even for fans of the show.

An Instagram post from user @peraltiago revealed that the title of Episode #4.13, which airs this April 11, is "To Linetti," which is an ominous hint at her fate. Some have speculated that Peretti may have chosen to leave "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" due to her pregnancy.

Last month, she took to Instagram to announce that she is with child, with her husband Jordan Peele.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' completes filming on season 4 finale

While there's no season 5 renewal in sight for "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" just yet, the cast and crew have taken to social media to celebrate filming the final episode of season 4.

Fumero shared a photo of herself goofing around with Samberg, while camera operator Rick Page also shared behind-the-scenes photos from the four-day shoot.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' season renewal still pending

There's no word out yet on whether the Dan Goor and Michael Schur-created and produced series will see another season on FOX.

Goor told The Hollywood Reporter in January, "We try not to worry too much about being renewed or not — our philosophy has always been to put down our heads and make the best, funniest, most interesting show we can."

It's the same philosophy the team had with "Parks and Recreation," which neatly wrapped up with Season 6, only to be renewed for another season. The Television Critics Association Award-winning series also witnessed a time jump between these two seasons, something that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will also feature this season.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' time jump following Gina's accident

Following the shocking cliffhanger, the series will pick up "three months or so", following the accident. Now whether Gina lives or dies, viewers will get a glimpse of how Jake and Amy's relationship moves forward now that they've moved in together.

Meanwhile, "Castle" star Nathan Fillon is also expected to make an appearance when the show returns. Make sure to tune into FOX on April 11 for the return of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."