Season 8 is the last season of "The Vampire Diaries" and is all set to emphasize the marriage of Caroline and Stefan. But this wedding is only a plan of Stefan and Damon to attract the enemy to come out. It may not be the wedding fans were wishing for, but Caroline and Stefan will march down the aisle on episode 15 of "The Vampire Diaries", and we definitely have our first flash at the big day.

Key points and review of the last episode

In the last episode of "The Vampire Diaries", Cade performed the “John Tucker” role, targeted by Bonnie, Damon, and Stefan.

After obtaining the best on Stefan, Cade submitted Damon an ultimatum: which soul would he protect, his brother’s or Elena's? With a big surprise, Damon decided to sacrifice himself (“There we see hell, Cade!”), triggering an appropriately infernal face-off between Cade and Bonnie.

The plot on TV Guide for the next episode “We are planning a June wedding,” explains: “A marriage is immediately planned in order for Damon (I. Somerhalder) and Stefan (P. Wesley) to seduce a serious enemy, who is intimidating the destiny of Mystic Falls.

Episode 15 preview and spoilers

As exposed in the trailer for the next episode 15, named “We’re planning a June wedding,” Damon determines that the best plan to attract Katherine (the new Queen of Hell) is to force the one party she can not probably pass up: Caroline and Stefan's wedding.

The trailer for this new installment presents precisely this. Damon is chosen as the lure, forced into a marriage with Caroline (C. King). Surely, this choice will bring out the peril they are all discussing, but they require to be very accurate. The enemy they are trying to attract is no other than Katherine that has taken the form of Elena (N.


In a recent conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Paul Wesley declared that a sort of sadness appeared on him after shooting the ultimate scene with Elena. The episode 15 of "The Vampire Diaries" Season 8 will air Friday, March 3 at 8:00 pm EST on The CW.