Is episode 9 of "Grimm" Season 6 going to have talking trees? Perhaps it's early to be assuming that for sure, but there are some details in the news that we do have from the trailer for “Tree People” that suggest we're going in the right direction. The episode 9 of "Grimm," named “Tree People,” will follow Hank, Nick, and Wu as they go to the forests to investigate a tree-like creature that attacks people. Meantime, Captain Renard continues to decipher Diana's pictures.

Key points and plot of episode 9

In the last installment, there were some exciting features to the plot: for example, it is the first time we have seen a creature containing various Wesen.

Also, the cadaverous burial administrator and his companions were a fun bonus to the plot. Although, the whole thing felt a little confused and thrown together. It was a great vehicle to have Hank and Wu work a common situation and reveal their original on-screen chemistry. The episode ends with Eve prophesizing on what life-changing situation the symbols could be prophesying, saying: “We do not have much time left before it arrives here.”

'Grimm': preview and news about Episode 9

In the next episode named "Tree People," the trailer explains that the Portland mayor will again try to make sense to the drawings of his daughter. In the last installment, he reached a woman to describe Diana's pictures of the carvings in the tunnels.

A friend of his told that the figures frighten her and that they presumably meant something dangerous is coming. She advised him to follow Diana carefully, as she looks to be in the center of the whole situation. Portland mayor perceives that Diana is unique, but he is quite shocked to notice new revelations growing about her.

Meantime, the Scooby Gang will catch on a tree-like creature that is supposed to be killing people for food. A person will describe to the police that the scary figure murdered his friend.

The next episode of "Grimm" season 6, titled “Tree People,” will air on NBC Friday, March 3 at 8.00 pm EST.