Elizabeth Webber is finally happy on ABC's "General Hospital," but it may all come crashing down on her very soon. According to spoilers for Thursday, she is about to get some kind of devastating news that will have her quite upset. She has just found happiness with her new love, Franco Baldwin, and has been in bliss ever since. Now she is expected to have yet another kink put into her life. What kind of news could possibly be so bad?

Is it about her boys?

The one piece of news that could be so devastating for Liz would be something about one of her three boys, Cameron, Jake, or Aiden.

Even though viewers rarely see any of them on "General Hospital" at all, the previews for Thursday show that little Jake will actually be on screen after many weeks. He will have some scenes with Franco as the little guy will find out that his step-mom, Sam Morgan, and his new little sister's lives are in danger.

Jake's story on his time with Helena Cassadine has been swept to the side for now. Maybe Elizabeth will get some kind of news about that, but that is very doubtful. Hopefully neither one of her other two boys will be the subject of this bad news that is coming. There is also a possibility that she could get some terrible news about her grandmother Audrey, who is not on screen any longer, but she is always mentioned as the boys seem to stay with her most of the time.

Will she be in some kind of health trouble?

The news could be about Sam or the baby

The "General Hospital" spoilers do say that the news will be devastating, but it may be that it is not about Liz or her family at all. With Sam and her newborn baby being rushed to the hospital on Wednesday's episode, maybe the bad news is about Jason's daughter.

Elizabeth went rushing to help as Sam and baby Scout came in to the ER. It could be that their baby's life is at stake and Liz will get the news from the doctors and will have to tell Jason And Sam.

In the "General Hospital" previews, Liz is seen telling Jason that she has an update on Sam. Is she the one that is in bad shape?

More spoilers for next week hint that Jason and Sam will be getting a bit of bad news as well, so this could all be related, or maybe not.

Will Elizabeth be heartbroken?

What could possibly be so bad that Liz would be heartbroken as they say she will be? There are so many possibilities with this scenario. Hopefully, it won't be something happening to her boys. The other thing that would do this would be her grandmother. She would definitely be upset if anything should happen to her. What do you think will happen on "General Hospital" this week that will crush Elizabeth?