The financial success of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is without doubt, but the script for the science fiction film left many movie goers, and long time "Star Wars" aficionados, scratching their heads in utter confusion about many of the finer plot points exposed. The film grossed over one billion dollars worldwide while in release, and an untold amount of money on home video, but failed to impress those in the Oscar community in a year that saw the top prize in the film industry go to "Birdman."

Who exactly is Rey, what is her last name and who are her parents?

In the end the answer to this question may not even be as important as it once seemed, but we sure did get trolled into wondering and debating this issue over the past year and a half.

Rey most certainly has Jedi powers, her lightsaber and piloting skills almost assure this to be true, not to mention her skills as a scavenger on Jakku. But is Rey the last Jedi alone or with Luke Skywalker? Most likely there will be at least two Jedi in the next film, but will we see Luke die and who will kill him if he does end up like his smuggler friend Han Solo? Rey's parents are most likely not Han or Leia, they would have recognized her and she would have been old enough as a child to remember their faces if they had been separated. But it's still possible Rey is Luke's daughter, which makes the silence they share at the end of "Force Awakens" that much more special as she hands her father the family lightsaber that called out to her so loudly and with such powerful visions.

Who is Snoke and what is the extent of his powers?

This question is hotly debated and many fans hope the answer is kept secret until "The Last Jedi" is released. Snoke appears to loom large over those he speaks with, but it's most likely a trick of projection that makes his character appear larger than life. It would be some sort of poetic justice if we find out this character is the comparable size of Yoda and it wouldn't shock anyone if Snoke ends up to be equally as powerful as the small, green Jedi.

Snoke is definitely a powerful puppet master and he's certainly pulling everyone's strings.

What drove Kylo Ren to the dark side and did he really kill Han Solo?

We know that Ben Solo, and his transformation to Kylo Ren, tears apart the relationship of Han and Princess Leia, but it's not been revealed what the catalyst was for that dark submission to the force.

In theory, the training with Luke went awry and something was triggered inside Ben to make him emulate and worship Darth Vader, his grandfather. Whatever path Kylo Ren is on it sure seems complete because killing his father, Han Solo, surely means that there is nothing good left inside the man behind the mask. Fans have argued that Han may still be alive, citing Luke's fall at Cloud City as evidence, but at the end of "The Empire Strikes Back" Luke didn't get a lightsaber shoved into his internal organs and fall into the depths of a planet that burst into a gigantic fireball. It seems like Han is truly deceased, but fans probably wouldn't mind it if there were future flashbacks that featured the character.

What is Luke Skywalker doing at the end of the film?

Many fans were upset that, while Luke was discussed a few times in the movie, he didn't show up until the last few moments of the film and he didn't even speak a single word. It's almost certain that Luke has exiled himself on Ahch-To because he is distraught about the past, but if you really look at his surroundings and engage with the landscape it appears he is at a grave site, perhaps for his dead wife. Time will tell, if true, she ends up to be the fabled Mara Jade of "Star Wars" Legends, the once canon books that are no longer canon material. It sure would be nice for some of the previous lore to become canon once again.