Like almost all the announcements in the legendary "Fallout" franchise before, the request from Bethesda was simple: "Please stand by." This time, however, the standard black and white hold screen video was upgraded to a colorized version, and many fans and detractors of the series took to the internet, like they do, and gave their own opinions on what it all meant in the grand scheme of things.

What clues does the 'Fallout 76' teaser offer?

The short teaser trailer for "Fallout 76" depicts a time very shortly after the big war that destroyed, well, almost everything in the Wasteland.

We see iconic images such as a human in a vault suit, one labeled simply 76, and we also see the dweller wear a Pip-boy. We also hear the legendary song "Take Me Home, Country Roads," by John Denver played in the background. That song mentions, among country roads, the location of West Virginia and items such as moonshine, teardrops, radios and the Blue Ridge mountains. Visually we see a bed, a hat, Jangles the Moon Monkey, glasses, a red cup, a magazine, a board game, a bottled beverage, an acoustic guitar, books, bobble heads, Nuka Cola memorabilia and a working TV. It's 20 years after the nuclear war and a man on television announces that the "Fallout has settled." It's also mentioned that, "You must rebuild."

What's so special about Vault 76?

The announcer states with purpose that, "In Vault 76 our future begins." The trailer offers no timeline or date of release but Bethesda did remark that the upcoming E3 convention on June 10th would reveal more details about the game.

Vault 76 is said to be near Washington D.C. and therefore close to the government. This would certainly be a handy location in the rebuilding process and brings players back to "Fallout 3" territory which had vault dwellers scouring museums and locations for important government-related artifacts and documents. Very eagle-eyed viewers of the new "Vault 76" teaser trailer noticed that the date on the Pip-boy was, in fact, October 27th, 2102 and some speculated further that this was a massive Easter egg relating to the potential release date later in 2018.

Gameplay details are sparse so far

The main question many fans want answered, is exactly what kind of game will this be? Will it be about building things like we saw in "Fallout 4" or will it be a standard action role-playing open world video game like we saw in "Fallout 3" or will it be some new hybrid multiplayer game that's unlike anything in the franchise we've seen yet?

The fact is no one outside Bethesda knows right now, but you can watch the teaser trailer for yourself below and make up your own opinions on the matter. So far, there's no mention of platforms the game will be available for such as Xbox One, PS4 or PC.