On the most recent episode of "The Bachelor," Nick Viall brings his final three to a stunning winter wonderland. Finland hosts hoards of reindeer, thick forests, and cozy places to hunker down for the night. One such place where Nick brought a special lady for their fantasy night displayed a gorgeous view of snowy trees through a glass ceiling from which (allegedly) the couple could see the Northern Lights. This glass hut is one of many in Finland, an entire hotel of glass-ceiling, snow-forts exist, in fact.

Stay at Hotel Kakslauttanen

The Igloo Village as part of Hotel Kakslauttanen boasts twenty similar igloos.

They are all thermally heated and offer extraordinary panoramic views. Available nearby are igloos built of ice, which are kept at a freezing 21 degrees Fahrenheit! Igloos of all shapes and sizes are available at the Kakslauttanen Artic Resort. In addition to all the ice-dwelling, there's also an option to Stay in "Santa's House" which is capable of lodging 250 guests at a time. Pricing for staying at this artic resort is not as outrageous as one may think, so you don't need to be Nick Viall or one of his concubine's to stay here.

See the aurora borealis

"The Bachelor" may be a highly embellished version of reality, but Nick wasn't lying when he told weren't exaggerating about the northern lights.

Hotel Kakslauttanen offers remarkable views of the aurora borealis due to the sparse trees and lack of light pollution at the resort. These views, however, do not guarantee that the northern lights will match your schedule. The aurora borealis can be seen best in the darkest winter months, although technically they may be seen faintly visible August through April.

This all goes to show that a person does not need to have rock-hard abs or be the star of a reality TV show in order to see the northern lights from an ice igloo in Finland. It may be a little pricey, but that honeymoon location or solo-getaway is more accessible than you may think -- so keep those winter wonderland dreams alive!