"The Originals" season 4 is almost here. That means it is almost the end of "The Vampire Diaries." With the storyline in Mystic Falls coming to a close, many fans want to know if any of the characters will turn up in the spin-off. There are plenty of rumors and the latest one is that Caroline will make an appearance. Klaroline fans have been begging for the two to be back on screen together -- and in the same city -- and even Julie Plec has said that there will "sort of" be a Klaroline moment. Whatever that means, here are three reasons that Klaroline needs to happen in the "TVD" spin-off.

'The Originals' is running out of strong women

When the show originally started in 2013, there were a few strong women. We had a young Davina, who was scared but getting used to her powers. Then there was Camille, who wasn't afraid to tell Klaus exactly what she thought. Of course, Hayley came into the show from "The Vampire Diaries" to bring in her own lone-teenage sass. Rebekah was there, but left after a season and then Freya was introduced. Now the two Mikaelsons are in coffins, Cami and Davina are dead, and it leaves Hayley with her daughter, Hope. Caroline is needed to add another strong female to the show.

Klaus promised to be Caroline's last love

While Klaus was never Caroline's first love, he made it very clear that he intended to be her last.

Klaroline fans swooned at the idea and it led to the thought that this relationship would definitely happen. After all, why wouldn't it when Klaus was so determined and Caroline was starting to see the good in him? Unfortunately, Klaus left and the relationship just seemed to come to an abrupt end. Fans aren't happy and they want to see Klaus become her last love, especially now that Stefan is human!

Caroline was once put before family

For the Mikaelsons it has always been "Always and Forever." Marcel made a point that nobody came before family. That hasn't always been true. Caroline broke the mold when Klaus put her first above all else. This made it clear that it was more than just an infatuation. This was a love story that needed to be told, and that can only happen if Caroline goes to New Orleans.

While Steroline is great, there is only so long that that relationship can last. As long as Caroline isn't the one to die in the "TVD" finale, there is a chance for her to move to New Orleans in "The Originals" season 4.