The first "Doctor Strange" movie pulled out the biggest villain in all of "Doctor Strange" comics to take on the Marvel Comics superhero. Of course, that was Dormammu, even thought much of the movie showed Kaecilius as the primary antagonist. While Dormammu is still out there and Baron Mordo was set up as a future villain in the post-credits, the movie's director Scott Derrickson had some interesting ideas for who could show up as villains in the Marvel movie's sequels.


Up first is someone that Scott Derrickson has talked about before and that is Nightmare.

Derrickson said that he really thinks he could be a great villain for a future "Doctor Strange" movie but would be tricky to pull off. Nightmare is the ruler of the Dream Dimension in Marvel Comics, which puts him right in the realm of facing someone like Stephen Strange. He deals in nightmares, as his name suggests, and could bring a Freddy Krueger-type figure in the Marvel movie universe. Derrickson did a great job of bringing Dormammu to life so he could do the same with Nightmare.

Brother Voodoo

Up next is an interesting idea. Brother Voodoo became the Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel Comics, following Doctor Strange in that role. While he is not a villain, he was possessed at one time and became a very evil and violent villain in the Marvel universe.

Scott Derrickson said that he could be a possible nemesis for Strange in the movies because his brother Daniel was killed in the first movie defending the Sanctum Santorum. Revenge can corrupt and that could turn Brother Voodoo unless Strange saves him.


Finally, Scott Derrickson said that you can't tell the full story of Doctor Strange without bringing Clea into the tale.

For those who don't read Marvel Comics, Clea is the niece of Dormammu and has often taken over as the ruler of the Dark Dimension when Dormammu was not around. However, over time Clea joined forces with Stephen Strange and the two of them battled Dormammu together as well as sharing a romantic relationship. If "Doctor Strange" is to receive the full ride through Marvel movies, Clea has to show up eventually.