As per a Politico report published on March 09, 2017, it has been learned that Hollywood action icon and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering a Senate run. The "Terminator" hero who had delivered the iconic dialogue, "I will be back" is now reviving his political career, as he is reportedly aiming to participate in the 2018 Senate elections, possibly as an Independent candidate.

When asked about this, Daniel Ketchell, Arnold's spokesperson did not rule out the possibility of Arnold participating in the upcoming Senate elections.

Arnold's befitting reply to Donald Trump

The news has now created a buzz among the Republicans in the state, as many of them consider Arnold's move as a strong response to the reigning American President Donald Trump who recently expressed his feud towards the celebrity politician through his official social media handle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Mr. Olympia world bodybuilding champion believes that it is much better to lock horns with Donald Trump in the political sector rather than wasting time in a verbal war with him.

Winning the Senate election in 2018 will give Arnold the chance to express his conflicting opinions on various sensitive issues like climate change, immigration, and other foreign policies.

Arnold fans are waiting for the release of 'Aftermath.'

Meanwhile, fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger are currently awaiting the release of his new movie "Aftermath" which is expected to have its theatrical release on April 07, 2017.

Elliott Lester has directed the drama thriller, and it has Scoot McNairy, Maggie Grace, Hanna Ware, Kevin Zegers and Martin Donovan in other prominent roles.

In this movie, Arnold is playing the character of Roman, an old man who lost his better half and child in a plane crash. After the incident, Roman believed that Jake Bonanos, the man who was in charge of the air traffic control is responsible for the plane crash. Now, Roman starts his journey to find the real culprits behind the tragedy.