The United States Marine Corps has opened an investigation into an allegation that Marines shared nude pictures of female service personals on a social media site which encouraged sexual violence. The news was reported in the March 7, 2017, edition of The Marine Corps.

The sordid episode has embarrassed the Navy, and the top brass has condemned the act as unwarranted. Reports published by the Center for Investigative Reporting say that hundreds of Marines could come under the ambit of investigation for using the social media to share thousands of naked photographs of woman members as well as veterans.

Next Tuesday, the US Senators will hold a special hearing into the scandal.

Steamy Pictures uploaded on FB page

It was discovered that since January 30 more than two dozen women which included on duty and enlisted service members who have identified by rank, full name, duty stations with explicit pictures had been posted on a private Facebook page “Marines United.”

The agency stated that it is looking into the matter and whoever is operating the site is moving it quickly making it difficult to find its extent and the subject of the site.

It is indeed sad that all this came up just two months after the first female infantry Marines entered the Base Camp at Jacksonville in North Carolina for their amphibious assault training.

It was in 2015; former defense secretary approved the opening up of all military positions for women and this included ground warfare task.

US Marine Corps issues statement

The commandant of the Marine Corps condemns the act of the involved people.

The scandal was first reported by “The War Horse” a site run by veteran Thomas Brenann, who contacted the Marine Corps in January.

Facebook and Google immediately deleted the account. The group is having thousands of members.Both active military and civilians can report a crime or share information on Marines United inconspicuously, incognito and securely to NCIS either by text, the web, or the NCIS smartphone app.