It looks like "Teen Mom 2" cast member Kailyn Lowry is not the only one moving on with her life these days. Kailyn's ex-Javi Marroquin is also ready to start his new life post-Kailyn by searching for new love on a reality dating series.

Are Kailyn and Javi really through with each other for good?

Javi has decided to look for love by joining the reality dating show "Are You the One?" If chosen after sending in his audition tape, ten ladies will be competing for Javi's love and affection along with nine other single men to chose from. The twenty contestants will all live together in a huge house hoping to each find their one true love.

Marroquin decided to capitalize on his "Teen Mom 2" fame, saying:

"Hey everybody this is Javi, most of you know me from "Teen Mom 2," he said on the "Are You the One?" after show. "You know what happened to me and you know I love to love and I'm looking for love and just can't find it." He added, "I have a 3-year-old little boy, he means everything to me. I'm trying to figure out who is the one. I'm trying to take someone on a date."

It appears that Javi may have failed to mention at the time his ongoing baby mama drama with Kailyn Lowry. Though it is suspected that most of the contestants for the show are pretty familiar with Javi and Kailyn's drama. "Teen Mom 2" fans are well aware that Kailyn claims she is more than ready for Javi to move on following their divorce last May.

They are also well aware that Javi has not taken Kailyn's pregnancy news well at all.

As previously reported, Lowry was recently forced to file a PFA (Protection From Abuse) order against Javi after she revealed he had been sneaking into her house, making her feel unsafe 24/7. Marroquin reveals he is pretty upset by Kailyn's recent court action for harassment and abuse, claiming that there has been no abuse at all.

He is now unable to contact Kailyn for the next year unless it regards their son Lincoln.

So has Javi Marroquin been selected for the dating reality series? At this time he reveals he does not know. If he is selected he states that there will have to be a lot of details worked out as he doubts "Teen Mom" would allow him to participate at this time since they are mid-filming.

This new dating show opportunity could be just what the love doctor ordered for Javi and finally allow him to move on from Kailyn Lowry if he is selected.

But, with his past being so publicly documented do you believe this will lessen his chances of being chosen for the show, or by the women participating?