"Teen Mom" Kailyn Lowry claims she fears for her life and has filed a Protection From Abuse order against her ex-Javi Marroquin. Lowry claims she has felt unsafe for the past few months before filing the order against Javi.

Kailyn Lowry calls Javi Marroquin 'crazy' after sneaking into her home

In a new "Teen Mom 2" peek-ahead clip Kailyn reveals Javi has been showing up to her home without calling and sneaking in. The clip has Kailyn telling Jo Rivera, "He showed up through the basement and Isaac was like, 'You're not supposed to be here!" Rivera tells Lowry that it is not right that Javi is sneaking around, and he worries for the safety of his son, Isaac, who he shares with Lowry.

Jo Rivera not happy with Javi Marroquin's sneaking around Kailyn's house

According to Javi, he has done nothing wrong, but you can just tell this is going to be a major issue causing even more problems between the two men -- which some believe is just what Kailyn is after, more drama.

"That pisses me off," Jo said. "You need to have something in writing because that should not be happening. That to me is not acceptable at all. I don't like picking up my son and he is f*****g scared."

Rivera continues, "If he is crazy enough to f*****g walk into your house then what the f*** else is he going to do? That scares the s**t out of me."

Vee Torres then stated her opinion, defending Javi, claiming that she feels like he is being made out to be a f*****g psycho, she is feeling a little sympathy for him because he is "going through a divorce."

Javi, on the other hand, has clapped back at Kailyn when talking to Radar Online, telling them he is not trespassing because it is his house.

Not quite the way that goes according to the law. Kailyn filed the PFA order against Javi for harassment and coming to her house acting aggressively, adding that she "doesn't want that around her boys."

Marroquin told the celebrity news site that he signed a consent PFA, which states there is no evidence of abuse. "I just can't contact her unless it's in regard to Lincoln for a year," Marroquin called it "pathetic.

"Javi also claims he is being unfairly portrayed because Kailyn knows he would never threaten or attempt to hurt her.

"Teen Mom" fans are well aware that Javi has been hurt by Kailyn, especially since it was confirmed that she was pregnant with her third baby, with a third baby daddy. Even though Lowry has not yet confirmed who the father is, there is plenty of speculation making the rounds.

According to In Touch, the most popular choices include "Teen Mom 2" producer JC Cueva, classmate Tyler Hill, or friend Chris Lopez.

What are your thoughts? Does Kailyn Lowry have cause for alarm, or is this just another way to dig at Javi Marroquin?