According to reports, unnamed GOP insiders have claimed that Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering the idea to run for the United States Senate. Conflicts between him and current President of the United States, Donald Trump, are believed to be an influence.

The news is coming from anonymous sources from the GOP

Schwarzenegger would reportedly be interested in running during the 2018 Senate race, when Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat, would be up for reelection. One anonymous veteran GOP strategist has claimed that this action could also give Schwarzenegger the opportunity to "jam" President Donald Trump over "the next 16 months."

While both Republican, Schwarzenegger and Trump have had some conflict over the past few months.

After Schwarzenegger took over Trump's role in the series, "The Apprentice," the President criticized the ratings, and compared it to the ratings that the show held when he appeared. A later post featured the President labeling his replacement on the show as a "big, big movie star," which was later given a response from Schwarzenegger, suggesting that they trade jobs. Another post from Schwarzenegger also poked fun at controversy over Trump’s tax returns.

Trump and Schwarzenegger once had a better relationship

At one point in their lives, Trump and Schwarzenegger were believed to have a more cordial relationship. They had been seen having a conversation together at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York, that reportedly led to Schwarzenegger transferring his entourage to one of Trump's hotels.

Before taking on Trump's role as host on the series, Schwarzenegger had also made an appearance on the series, "The Apprentice: Los Angeles" in 2007. At the time, Trump was known to describe Schwarzenegger as a "great friend." Trump had also financially supported Schwarzenegger during his 2006 reelection campaign.

It had likely been during Trump's presidential campaign that their relationship became less friendly.

Schwarzenegger supported Ohio Governor John Kasich in the Republican primary. He also appeared to oppose Trump after it had been made clear that he would be the Republican candidate in the presidential election, even releasing a statement emphasizing the importance of supporting one’s "country over your party."