Inhumans” a brand new television show from Marvel has found a queen in Serinda Swan. The show will center around an alien royal family that ruled over the Inhumans race. Each Inhuman has a special ability, with the royal family being an extremely interesting bunch. Serinda Swan's character will have the ability to control her hair in the same way that people control their hands, which will make for an entertaining sight.

Who is Queen Medusa?

Serinda Swan will join the star-studded cast as Queen Medusa the matriarch of the Inhumans race and wife of Black Bolt.

Swan is no stranger to comic book roles, having played Zatanna Zatara in “Smallville” when the show was still on the air. Moreover, she has also most recently played an imprisoned bounty hunter in “Breakout Kings” and had a reoccurring role on “Graceland” with significant roles in each show. Her casting as Medusa is a sign of the cast rounding out well. Medusa also acts as an interpreter sometimes for her often silent husband, so expect her to be in the middle of most drama around the king.

Look at all the stars!

Anson Mount, from “Hell on Wheels,” has already been cast as Black Bolt the king of the family and the Inhumans race, while Iwan Rheon, from “Game of Thrones,” was previously announced to be portraying Maximus the Mad, the brother of Black Bolt.

Medusa will be involved in the story heavily due to her roles with Black Bolt, and his silent methods of communication, so expect her character to be a series regular and the leading lady as well.

Regal glory personified

“Serinda empowers Medusa’s regal glory and still maintains a relatability that synced perfectly with the character,” said the head of Marvel Television and the show's executive producer Jeph Loeb in a statement.

“She is nothing short of wonderful.”

Possible cameos?

Inhumans have popped up on Marvel's other show Agents of Shield, but it is unclear if any connections will be made to tie the two shows together. Marvel makes standard fare of having cameos and crossovers between shows and movies so that we may see some unique cameos on the show.

Imagine if an Asgardian from Thor's world showed up on the “Inhumans?” What if Hulk somehow made an earth-shattering cameo following “Thor 3?” Either way, cameos or not, the show is shaping up with the latest addition of Serinda Swan as Medusa and the inclusion of Anson Mount and Iwan Rheon in their respective roles as Black Bolt and Maximus the Mad.

Watch the premiere!

Inhumans” is set to debut in IMAX theaters in September for a two-week run, followed by a September 26 premiere date for the last six episodes. The first season of the show will be comprised of eight episodes total, but there is a promise of more if the show does well. With the cast being consisting of small screen veterans with a lot of intense drama work under their belts, the show is already looking like a hit. “Inhumans” is set to premiere on ABC on Tuesday nights in September, so be sure to stay on the look out for more casting announcements as the days go on.