Taylor Swift is reportedly working on her highly-anticipated album. Fans have been waiting for new music from the singer since she has a lot of material to work with this time around. Taylor has since taken a hiatus from the music industry. But that hasn't stopped her from collaborating with other artists such as her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik. She also wrote a new song for Little Big Town titled "Better Man." The lyrics seem to talk about a relationship with a man who didn't fulfill a woman's needs.

The story behind Little Big Town's hit song

Little Big Town spoke to People Magazine about their new hit song. While it has been rumored that Taylor Swift is very protective of her music, the country trio revealed that she sent them the song "Better Man" via email. Swift, 26, told the group that when she wrote the song, she could hear their voices in it.

She then forwarded the demo to the rest of Little Big Town to get their thoughts on it. The rest is history, and now the band has added another No. 1 hit to their collection. This is the second No. 1 hit on Billboard's Country Airplay chart. "Better Man" is the lead single from Little Big Town's eighth studio album, "The Breaker," out now.

Taylor Swift's new song not about her exes

So, who is this new song about? Once the lyrics were released, fans immediately speculated the subject behind the song. One source told E! News that Swift wrote the song years ago. That means "Better Man" is not about her recent exes, Calvin Harris or tom hiddleston.

The singer and songwriter performed "Better Man" live for the first time ever during a pre-Super Bowl concert in Houston, Texas, on Saturday (Feb.

4). Taylor Swift briefly went back to her country roots when she played on an acoustic guitar for the song, and allowed four backup singers to help with the harmonies that Little Big Town sang on their version of the song.

Star expected to drop a new album this year

"The Breaker" dropped on Feb. 24, the same day that Little Big Town performed at the Ryman Auditorium residency.

As for Taylor Swift, she told the crowd at the Club Nomadic that she is only "doing one show in 2017." As far as she knows, this was her only show.

But since then her friend Ed Sheeran has confirmed she is dropping a new album later this year, and perhaps Taylor Swift could schedule in a new show.