Last week and this week on "The Bachelor" 2017 they made it look like Raven Gates and Nick Viall ended up having sex. These two did go into the fantasy suite and spend time away from the cameras, but nobody really knows what happens. It turns out that Reality Steve does actually think that he knows what went down and he will be revealing all.

Raven and Nick's truth to be revealed

Reality Steve is the king of spoilers. He can almost always figure something out. Now it turns out that he is pretty sure he has the Answer to if Raven and Nick ended up sleeping together in the fantasy suite.

After Nick had slept with Andi, he made sure that on "After the Final Rose" he shared with everyone that they had sex and even asked her why she did it. Raven might end up doing something like that to him if she isn't the one picked in the end.

Last week, Raven shared that her ex-boyfriend was the only guy she ever slept with and that he couldn't give her an orgasm. Since then, he spoke out and said that wasn't true at all and that he was able to do it. So was Nick able to please her?

Steve went to Twitter and said, "I think I might have the answer to the "Did they or didn't they" question regarding Raven & Nick. Tune in tmrw to find out." It really does sound like Steve has the answer that everyone wants to know.

Fans are curious simply because Raven shared so many details.

Raven made it very clear that she was looking forward to her alone time with Nick. The thing is that could have just meant so they could get to know each other better and see how it goes behind closed doors. It might have not been that she wanted to do anything. It has been revealed that it does happen a lot of the time, though.

Are you shocked to hear that Reality Steve has been able to figure out if Raven Gates and Nick Viall did end up sleeping together? Do you think that this should be revealed considering that she shared so much on the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the big "Bachelor" finale on next Monday.