Episode 8 of "scandal" Season 6, named “A Stomach for Blood,” will put the focus on Abby as the events leading to her dishonesty is told in her perspective. The next episode will also show Abby’s biggest secret. In the meantime, Huck’s fate is also set to be unveiled following the shooting incident. The plot for this new episode published online states: “The results from election night are retold from Abby's (D. Stanchfield) point of view, exposing a dangerous thirst for power and an explosive mystery she is been holding.”

Episode 7 plot and highlights

The episode 7, titled "A Traitor Among Us," showed Olivia (K.

Washington) and the group seeking out Rowan (J. Morton) to revenge the killing of the President. Rowan, however, stated that he did it by command of the Shadowy Organization. After learning from Rowan that somebody familiar to Olivia is seeing her, placing her life in peril, Huck (G. Diaz) finds himself getting a new mission. At the end of the episode, Huck understands that Meg (P. Neidhardt) is the mole since she had previously requested him if he could provide for her to meet Olivia. In the trailer for the next episode, Abby has been marked as the rebel among the gladiators. Also, it seems that her recent works might have been motivated by a significant amount of money.

Episode 8 spoilers and trailer

A new promo for the chapter published by ABC opens with Abby speaking with possible donors for the library of President. While having an unexpected lunch with Abby, the donors make a high offer. It's later exposed that it isn't the library they are affected in. Another short trailer warnings that Abby had something to do with what occurred to Huck.

In other news, the creators and the cast of “Scandal” are preparing for the future 100th episode of the TV Series. The episode will serve as a “what might have been” chapter. Tony Goldwyn, a member of the cast, revealed: “It actually tells your understanding of all of us when you get back to our standard program.” Episode 8 of "Scandal" season 6 will air on ABC on Thursday, March 30 at 9.00 pm EST.