According to a new report from the folks, there's some new, possible "Timeless" season 2 spoilers, floating around about what's going to go down with Jiya. As we all know, she suffered some sort of weird condition when she appeared to be trapped between two worlds after attempting to drive the time ship that was only meant for 4 people when Rufus was injured. She's stuck in the past and present.

Unstuck in time

Now, In their new season 2 possible spoiler reveal, they tell us that Jiya's weird condition, will continue to be a mystery in the new season.

If that's not enough, it's going to also affect her relationship with Rufus. They also revealed that one of the showrunner's Eric Kripke, spoke about Jiya in a recent interview with TV Line to discuss what they have in store for her future.

He ended up, revealing that her condition will be the same as a character from his favorite book, entitled: "Slaughterhouse-Five." In it, one of the male characters became "unstuck in time." They went on to explain that if this happens with Jiya, she's going to really suffer and will end up, blaming Rufus. And we'll see Rufus likely respond by attempting to do everything he can to fix her crazy, weird problem. He's going to also need to get some help from Wyatt and Lucy.

What happened to her?

After that, the executive producer explained that Jiya started seeing flickering of the Golden Gate Bridge in present time, and also when it was getting built. In season 2, they're going to explore ,more in depth, what actually happened to her and what she was able to see. Then ,more importantly, how this phenomena will grow and change.

As previously reported, we're still waiting to hear a season 2 renewal confirmation from NBC. "Timeless" is being classified as a bubble show, meaning it's basically in limbo. The producers told TV Line, they have plans to pitch their new season 2 plotlines to NBC in April 2017, and with a bit of good luck, they could hear a renewal announcement in May 2017. All of you hardcore fans out there, will definitely want to cross your fingers for this renewal, because the TV business can be very cruel when it comes to these sorts of things. Stay tuned.