Savannah Chrisley is incredibly classy. She is quirky and fun, bringing her father, Todd Chrisley to the brink of insanity and back. "Chrisley Knows Best" introduced her to the world of reality television and since then, her fan base has grown leaps and bounds. Chrisley has done a lot of charity work and often spends time on social media connecting with fans. If you don't know her, you should.

Beauty and brains

Just last week, Savannah Chrisley hinted that she was dating NBA player, Chandler Parsons. She had talked about going to a game and hanging out, making it seem more casual than anything.

Her dad, Todd Chrisley weighed in on Parsons and wasn't too keen about the two getting together in a relationship. Now it looks like things have changed and Savannah is no longer interested in the basketball player. While she may be beautiful, she is no dummy when it comes to having tricks pulled on her.

It seems that Chandler Parsons may be dating Bella Thorne, and Savannah Chrisley isn't above throwing a little shade. There are a lot of unknowns here, but Thorne was at one of Parsons' games and shared photos on social media. During that, Chrisley threw some shade about fishnets not being in fashion unless it is Halloween. Of course, Bella was wearing fishnets to the NBA game complete with the number 25 written on her face and a purple wig.

His loss, her gain

Chandler Parsons really has no idea what he lost. Whether the two were together or just casually seeing one another, Bella Thorne wearing his number and being at the game was enough to have Savannah Chrisley be done with whatever it was. She recently ended a long-term relationship with Blaire Hanks, which was hard for both of them.

Their relationship was chronicled on "Chrisley Knows Best" and fans adored them together.

An all-new season of "Chrisley Knows Best" is airing on the USA network Tuesday nights. You never know what to expect when the Chrisleys are involved, and each week there are plenty of laughs to go around. Be sure to tune in to find out.