Fans are ready to get started with Season 5 of “Chrisley Knows Best” and spoilers tease that the premiere coming up Tuesday night on the USA network is a fun one. Nanny Faye will be front-and-center in the Season 5, Episode 1 show and she will have the rest of her family buzzing. What's known about this February 21 show?

Nanny Faye's dating sparks chaos with Todd

TV Guide notes that the Season 5 premiere is titled “50 Shades of Faye” and “Chrisley Knows Best” spoilers reveal that Nanny Faye will be embracing the world of online dating. Todd will catch up to this as her phone blows up with messages and he will not be pleased about this.

He apparently will appoint himself as her chaperone for upcoming dates and there is no doubt that this will be comedy gold. Teasers share that Todd's wife Julie will even give him a hard time about all of this according to a preview shared via Yahoo TV.

Also ahead during Tuesday night's show, viewers will see Savannah and Chase embracing their new lives as homeowners. They will be anxious for Todd's help in filling up their new homes and apparently the two get quite competitive on this front. Will this plan be successful? A fun preview with “Chrisley Knows Best” spoilers via the show's Facebook page shows that Todd will come up with a unique and comical way to deal with this situation.

Chase and Savannah will battle for goodies from dad

Todd will talk about how he is tired of being accused of playing favorites, so as Savannah and Chase battle for home furnishings via their dad, "Chrisley Knows Best" spoilers reveal that he'll take things to the next level. It looks like Todd will have some things available for the kids to get from a storage unit, but he's going to made them bid against one another for them.

Both Chase and Savannah will pull up in trucks with friends in tow and fans cannot wait to see how wild this gets.

There is rarely a dull moment playing out when it comes to the "Chrisley Knows Best" family and spoilers tease that Season 5 will be jam-packed with chaos and comedy. This season may hit on some difficult moments as Savannah was seriously injured in a car accident not long ago, but the USA series clearly has lots of fun stuff ahead and fans are anxious to get started with new episodes again.