In early January, Coachella made headlines when the music festival announced Beyonce would be headlining its Saturday nights; for the first time in a decade, a woman would be playing a closing set at the multi-weekend festival. The excitement was short-lived however, because by late February Beyonce would be forced to cancel the appearances, citing medical concerns. The superstar singer is pregnant with twins and will be unable to perform by April.

Lady Gaga joins Coachella line-up

Late in the night on February 28th, Lady Gaga announced on her Twitter feed that she would be playing the music festival in Indio, California before gearing up for previously announced world tour later this summer.

According to the Coachella graphic added to her Twitter post -- and later confirmed by festival organizers -- Gaga will be headlining both Saturday, April 15th and 22nd, taking over from Beyonce.

While the rest of the schedule is dominated by male artists and male-fronted bands, Lady Gaga won't be the only female artist performing those weekends. Banks, Lorde, Kiiara, and Tacocat are just a few of the other ladies set to perform. However, Gaga's prime set time does make her the first female headliner at Coachella since Bjork in 2007.

Coachella user accounts hacked

The announcement of a new headliner wasn't the only news out of Coachella in the past few days. Late last week, members of the festival's website received an email from organizers, making them aware of a major hack involving their site.

It is believed hackers were able to obtain personal information, such as telephone numbers, addresses, and birth dates of users. According to Coachella officials, banking and credit card information was not affected as the hack did not reach ticket purchasing accounts, but all users have been asked to change their password information as soon as possible.

Vice's tech site Motherboard reports a data trader has been found on the dark web attempting to sell the Coachella information for several hundred dollars. The seller claims to have the information for at least 950,000 use accounts linked to the music festival's website.

Hopefully the festival officials are able to get their website locked down before Lady Gaga fans make the rush to buy Saturday night tickets.