Rick and Morty’s Instagram page, called Rickstaverse, is now expanded hinting the new normal Earth. As fans have no idea how “Rick and Morty” season 3 will roll, some say that this has a connection with the new installment.

To recall, in the previous season of the animated series, the Earth got inducted to the Galactic Federation. Hence, it was no longer safe as Rick Sanchez’s hiding place. It has been known that the interstellar criminal is the number one enemy of the Federation government.

The invasion of alien on Earth

If “Rick and Morty” Season 3 is going to pick up the happenings from the previous season, there is a big chance that the Earth will be under a dictatorial regime.

With the presence of the armed Gromflomites, the world might be ruled by alien trades and rules. As a result, this may affect the humans living in it that may be governed by the Martians. In Rickstaverse, the interactive information the new Earth has all points to dystopia. Here, it can be seen that the alien civilizations quickly engulf the Earth's society. Everything seems to experience an “incredible pluralism” from the streets to the Morty’s Harry Herpson High School’s locker rooms. There are also building made by the aliens emerging everywhere. And the most dangerous of it all is the appearance of Gromflomite snipers on the top of every building.

Other things happening on the new normal Earth

Rickstaverse also hinted that Jessica might be starting to date an alien in “Rick and Morty” Season 3. Mr. Needful is going to collaborate with the Gromflomite Prison General. The Christianity, too, might be engulfed by the Worship of Shrimply Pibbles. Also, Beth is finally a real doctor, but she will be treating the different alien species at St.

Equus. However, it looks like she still hasn’t moved on from the departure of Rick from the family. And lastly, Mr. Goldenfold is gone missing. However, the said scenes seen in Rickstaverse may not all be considered in the new installment. But at one point or another, this might still hint what is going to be a new normal Earth in the upcoming next chapter.