Nearly everyone who has followed "The Adventures of Rick and Morty" has had to wait with baited breath for the release of season 3. The anticipation is considerably higher for this season because of the cliffhanger at the end of the second season. Fans of the series will be happy to see that Adult Swim has just released a new clip that is supposed to be the opening credits of the third season of the show.

Expect the unexpected

If you have finished watching the clip, you must know by this point that it was nothing more than a hilarious fake-out created by the network to build on the anticipation of the show.

Instead of releasing the season 3 opening credits, the network decided to create a super-cut using scenes from the first two seasons.

This wasn't just any other ordinary super-cut though. It was a slickly edited clip featuring segments from season one and two, made to sound like the infamous Rick Astley song - Never gonna give you up. Although the song and the sequence of editing has nothing to do with the show or the upcoming season, it is a hilarious clip nonetheless, and it does a great job in reminding us about the absurd and preposterous situations the gang has already been dragged into.

A quick recap

There is still very little news being released about the details of season 3, and I for one believe that it is for the best.

Fans must remember that when we last saw Rick, he had just surrendered himself to the federation in order to protect his daughter and her family. The build up to the big reveal from this point onwards has been even more intense, simply because the creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roland do not like to rush into future seasons without properly planning out the events of the show.

This is why the show takes massive breaks in between seasons, and it is also why the quality of the show has remained so spectacularly impressive so far. "The adventures of Rick and Morty" is currently sitting on a sweet approval rating of 100% according to Rotten Tomatoes, and this has only been possible because the creators have pushed for quality over quantity.

Now if only other show runners could follow this cue, we would probably have a lot more amazing shows on television.