The second half of Empireseason 3 is finally back and features more intense episode between Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson). Fans see major twist and turn of events in “Sounds & Fury” to the life of the ex-couple.

Warning: major spoilers ahead

In the latest episode of “Empire” Season 3, Cookie came to Lucious and started to take her vengeance by swinging her baseball bat anywhere in his room. Evidently, she was very mad at the comments he gave when he promoted Anika (Grace Byers) to be the head of A&R at Empire.

However, as she wreaked havoc everything from gold records to his piano, the two shared a very passionate kiss.

Later, she pulled herself away from him and cleared that everything between them was already done for good.

Moreover, to explain the things that happened between the two protagonists, the show’s showrunner Ilene Chaiken talked about the former lover’s complicated lives. Also, she revealed what is going to happen in the nearing third season finale.

Show’s focus back to the ex-couple

“This battle, this war of the Lyons that begins in this first episode, it's all about Lucious and Cookie's relationship; the thin line between love and hate if you will,” Chaiken told the Hollywood Reporter. The show’s comeback episode has lived with its promise what the half season would be like.

To recall, the first half of the season featured Lucious trying to win Cookie back.

But, he just learned that she was starting to date Angelo. Hence, he was now doing everything to bring him down and ruin his political career.

A very promising final episode

As “Empire” Season 3 was already renewed for the fourth installment, the current chapter’s finale would determine how the next chapter would be. “In a very big way, all of our cliffhangers, all of our drivers are set in motion in that finale in a really classic way,” Chaiken explained.

“So you'll see when you see the finale some of what we have in mind and we haven't really begun to break stories beyond that.”

However, she assured that they perfectly know where they were going and even teased that some of them would “shocking, surprising, breathtaking and unexpected.” Although it looked like it was trying to send in the hype, she promised that they would deliver what they have promised.