Game of Thrones series was inspired by George R. R. Martin's fantasy novels "A Song of Ice And Fire". Over the past years, it attracted a record number of viewers and fans around the world. Since its premiere in 2011, it has been nominated 38 times, but the highlight of those nominations are Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

Recently it has been revealed that season 7 premiere is July 16. The producers of this fantasy drama didn't share a lot about this season, but it is certain that it will go through a change. The expected ten episodes are not be filmed but instead, there will be seven new episodes with twisty turns.

Season 7 is will be three episodes shorter

New poster of Game of Thrones is very simple, as star Maisie Wiliams revealed, as it includes ice and fire that collide into each other. The date was revealed after an hour of watching ice melting. The new season will be a game changing one. Surprisingly, the new season will be shorter as it will have only seven episodes. However, all the money and resources are invested in these seven. Producers said that it is not cheaper nor easier to film these episodes because the viewers expect quality episodes.

'Game of Thrones' isn't eligible for nominations in 2017

This season, everything will get bigger. Every character is more ambitious than before. The dragons are bigger.

They are literally the size of Boeing 747's with more power and strength. "Drogon is the biggest of the bunch—his flame is 30-feet in diameter!" Matt Shakman said to Entertainment Weekly. Season 7 is in the spotlight because of its seven episodes and because of the fact that this season of 'Game of Thrones' will not receive nominations for Emmy Awards.

The end date for the submission was May 31.

Intriguing, ambitious and self-aware performance of the characters

'Game of Throne' series has a lot of pros and cons. The critics are split, especially when it comes to nudity and sex violence. The other side of the medal is the performance of the cast, which is excellent. The characters are intriguing, ambitious and aware of themselves.

Season 8 will have 6 episodes, which means that unfortunately for the lovers of this series - the end is coming. That is why people have mixed feelings. The Emmy-winning series returns to HBO on July 16. Be prepared for surprises.