Prince Harry and Meghan Markle displayed lots of affection for each other last Friday at a Wedding in Jamaica. This was the first time they have been so open with their romance in public since they started dating about nine months ago. Prince Harry was in Jamaica to be in his best friend's wedding. He invited his girlfriend to meet him there so they could spend time together.

It's a major step in a relationship when a single couple attends a wedding together. Not only that, but it was that first time they have been so open with their affection.

Usually, when news outlets report about them, separate photos are posted of the two of them. On this particular occasion, the two are pictured together chatting, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes. Seeing them both at the wedding indicates they are coming out as a couple.

The wedding

The 35-year-old actress had just left England a couple of weeks ago after having spent two months with the 32-year-old prince. She had been lonesome and missed him after returning to her Toronto home. They were brought together at the wedding of his childhood friend, Tom Inskip who wed Lara Hughes-Young in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on March 3, 2017.

Harry was one of 14 ushers who wore a navy blue blazer and trousers.

Meghan was not in the wedding party, but she looked beautiful in a long floral dress that was quite appropriate for the Jamaican wedding. Harry and Meghan seemed quite comfortable partying with Harry's friends, enjoying drinks and talking at a table during the outdoor reception.

Harry was spotted on the beach with some of his friends and later at a bar.

Meghan was not with him while Harry celebrated with his pals after the wedding and reception. She joined him later, and they relaxed on the beach.

Spending time together

Harry had heavy security with him when he flew out from Gatwick to Montego Bay on Wednesday. Meghan flew in separately from her Toronto home later the same day. They are reportedly staying in the Caribbean for a week after the wedding. Leave it up to the two of them to find ways to spend as much time together as possible.