Episode 14 "Madam Secretary" season 3, named “Labor of Love,” will feature Elizabeth as she tries to save a controversial wedding in efforts to obtain a peace treaty between the Columbian authority and rebel organizations. In the meantime, Jay will deal with some difficulties at home. The plot for this new episode on TV Guide states, “Elizabeth (T. Leoni) operates to save the union of two unlucky lovers, the daughter of the revolutionary leader and the son of the president, to obtain a peace deal after years of conflicts.

Plot and highlights of episode 13

In the last episode 13 of "Madam Secretary," Elizabeth had a bad week, and she also suffered an existential crisis. Clearly, the peace between Iran and Israel is an enormous problem in the life of Madame Secretary. The death of a rabbi, who was planning a symbolic soccer game between Iran and Israel, sets Jay and Elizabeth peace deal for the two countries at peril. In the meantime, Elizabeth is indicated as a Nobel Peace Prize contender, and his work is taking a price on Jay’s wedding. At the end of the episode, Daisy starts a relationship with a new work partner.

Season 3 Episode 14 preview and spoilers

In the next episode of "Madam Secretary," Elizabeth can comprehend that Jay has a lot of thoughts in his mind recently.

Current spoilers predict that she will be inviting him to a confrontation soon and he is joined to talk about what is troubling him. Elizabeth will not want to miss a real colleague like Jay. In fact, Elizabeth needs him on the team. In the meantime, another storyline to look ahead to is Daisy's (P. Miller) flowering romance with a new colleague.

When Kevin (J. Baldoni) was first presented to the press coordinator, spectators could see sparkles between the two. Their co-workers are anticipating a story, and it looks like they will not be deceived. Daisy seems to like Kevin a lot and vice-versa. It's only a matter of time till he invites her out for a date.

Episode 14 of "Madam Secretary" Season 3 will air on CBS next Sunday, March 5 at 9:00 pm EST.