Recently TLC showed a two-hour special of Jinger Duggar's wedding. Of course, her brother Josh was at the wedding, but they didn't show him at all. TLC actually did everything they could to make sure that Josh wasn't seen on the show. Their show "19 Kids and Counting" was actually canceled because of his scandal and since "Counting On" started they haven't been showing Josh on the show.

How was Josh Duggar not shown at all?

During the wedding special, they showed all of the siblings, but Josh. He sat in front of the altar on the second row, so it wasn't like Josh Duggar was hidden in the back of the church.

When Josh stood up, he held his son Marcus up in front of his face. You can see Marcus up in the air, but can't see Josh behind him. You could also see the back of Josh's head a few times, but they never showed his face.

It was obvious that Josh had to think about holding up Marcus Duggar and making sure he wasn't seen on the show. Josh has been banned from being on the show at all. The oldest Duggar brother wasn't part of the wedding party at all, which did make this all a bit easier for them. When people walked down the aisle, they showed before they got to Josh and after they were past him.

Another time that Josh Duggar could have been seen was when the bride and the groom were leaving their wedding day.

These shots look like they have a fake lens flare that actually covers up Josh with a bright light. There was no way that they were going to let him be seen on TLC. They must have spent a lot of time editing this show to make sure it was all perfect.

As of right now, they are doing everything they can to keep Josh Duggar off the show.

In time, this may change, and he may be allowed on again, but for now TLC is covering all of their bases and making sure he never shows up at all.

Are you shocked that they did so much to make sure that Josh Duggar was hidden on Jinger's wedding? Do you think they should have just shown him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" Monday nights on TLC.